Whilst our core focus of Project Earth is the environment, the future of OUBER and its sustainability programme is grounded in 4 key pillars; Ecological, Social, Cultural and Economic impacts. We recognise that we are not all perfect, and have quite a distance to go, however, to effect change it must begin with us now. We are excited to share this journey with you as our community and invite you to contribute to our current and future steps to a more responsible and sustainable world.

More than a wall of statistics, this is a genuine attempt to recognise our responsibilities to sustainability as a sports and streetwear brand which encourages everyone, everywhere to be 1% better every day.


Fashion is a distinctive part of our lives and the impacts of its production reach far and wide. Fashion is important on a personal level, as an expression of our own identity, however, it is also one of the largest global industries with USD $3t circulated annually. Fashion as an industry keeps economies across the globe afloat and employs roughly 50 million people in different roles from production to sales.

Every item in our wardrobe has come directly from nature and uses a great amount of resources to arrive on your doorstep. As we are setting trends in fashion we have a responsibility to effect positive change and collaborate to ensure long term change – we will not have influence if we do not work with others in the industry and community to share our learnings.


New garment bags made from biodegradable and compostable materials for majority of our products produced within our business.


OUBER is already well known for its community contribution with thousands of dollars raised for charity through a range of events. Project Earth is our opportunity to focus on the environment and once a quarter commit to an environmentally focused project in our local communities across Australia. This can be as simple as a community beach clean, planting trees or pulling rubbish from our waterways.


We have already shared our goals internally as a team and have formed a committee of passionate Planet Earth ambassadors to effect change. As a team we have committed to the following:

More ways of recycling available in the office reduction in printing and paper use by 20% each year

Providing a cycle to work scheme supported by the business to reduce carbon emissions allowing a more flexible working from home policy to reduce commuter emissions and energy usage


All package for garments and swing tags to be biodegradable a sustainably focused capsule range recognising sustainable production strategies and contributing money to the Project Earth initiative

Exploring avenues in our supply chain that will balance out our environmental obligations such as BCI, with a focus on sustainable cotton and reduction in water usage for production

Research inbound opportunities for sustainable packaging from factories reduction of our carbon footprint to help battle climate change.